Welcome to the Ceramics Wiki

The Ceramics Wiki is an experiment in combining a wiki with a forum in order to encourage participation. The goal of this website is to provide comprehensive, verified information on all aspects of ceramics and pottery. We welcome anyone- from hobbyists to professional ceramicists- who would like to contribute to our growing body of knowledge.

In traditional discussion groups (including mailing lists, online forums, and Facebook Groups), knowledge fades over time. Often, the same questions are asked over and over again. Users may find it difficult to locate the group archives and search for information.

The Ceramics Wiki overcomes this issue by confining each topic to a single article. For example, every question about “Glaze Pinholing” can be found within the Glazes -> Glaze Faults category in the Glaze Pinholing Topic.

This wiki was started by the members of the Open-source Ceramics Group as well as Ceramics Recipes and Clay Buddies.


Ready to get started helping build Ceramics Wiki? See our tutorial, How to edit the Ceramics Wiki