Mixing my own clay

Gunnar Rasmussen

10 novembre, 14:43

I am a small time operator, cant aford the pug mills ,claymixers,slab rollers, but i like to mix my own clay, Nd for me this set up works the best for me . I like to wet mix my clay bodys, i get the slurry about as thin as 2% milk and then pour it into this gravity capilary filter drainer, i use Jute twine and put it thru the holes and let it hang down about 1" to wick the water down and drip into the bottom of the bucket , the cloth is old bed sheet as it has fine weave, and only the water passes thru , Now the advantige of wet mixing is better mixing and i pass it thru a 100 mesh seive three times then to the filter , and if the clay has souluble things in it , most of it drains out with the exess water , just thought i would shair with other poor potters who cant aford all the expensive equipment

what you see takes over night and then i set it on a drying batt it goes fairly fast

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