Manganese dioxide vs manganese carbonate in Glazy calc

I was looking at a bronze glaze by [Ruth Gillet #4576] (Glazy) and amending it to use the materials I have. When I substituted manganese dioxide for manganese carbonate the resulting MnO was treated completely differently see #143794.

The carbonate in #4576 was included with R2 but the dioxide in #143794 is shown just as a colourant. I referred to Digital Fire for the adjustment from carbonate to dioxide and altered all the other materials in #4576 before I changed the carbonate to dioxide #143793, so that I could make sure the glaze was in the same general area on Stull. The glaze looked pretty similar until I changed the manganese and then it went off the Stull chart. Why are the two materials treated so very differently in the Stull analysis?

Hi Julie, just saw your IG post and commented there. This Wiki is defunct, you can now post questions and comments directly in Glazy by creating a New Post (14. Posts - YouTube) or adding a comment directly to a recipe or material. I’ve made some updates to this wiki to make it more apparent that it is dead, but I don’t want to take down this wiki because there is still valuable info here.

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Thanks very much Derek. Because there is a link to ceramicswiki I didn’t realise it was no longer active. And thanks for the INsta feedback. Julie