How to make a porcelain ball mill jar

How to make a ball mill jar

! .Get a piece of PVC tubing with an inside diameter the size you want the outside of your jar to be.

  1. Cut it off slightly longer than you want the body of your jar to be. It’s absolutely critical to make this an absolutely square, no almost allowed.

  2. Move the fingers on your Giffin grip way out.

  3. Throw a cylinder a little taller than and slightly smaller in diameter than the PVC tube.

  4. put PVC tube over your cylinder

  5. Close your Giffin grip tightly onto the PVC tube. Make sure your square and is down.

  6. Reach in the cylinder and pull it out so it is pressing against the inside of the PVC.

  7. Collar the top of it down to the inside diameter of a rubber sewage pipe cap, the black kind that have a gear clamp around them. You have to figure in the shrinkage of your particular kind of porcelain so after it is fired it will be the right size for the cap. I usually start off making mine a thick nd little too big. When it’s leather hard Itrim it more precisely.

  8. Let it dry until it pulls off of the inside of the PVC tube. I’ve always left mine on the Giffin grip until this happens but I’m not sure that’s necessary.

  9. Fire your new porcelain ball mill jar.


It is very difficult to throw a perfectly true jar.Tony Hanson says you can’t.

What is unclear?