Home made underglaze/brushable glaze/vince pitelka

Clara Giorello

6 novembre, 23:17

A few months ago, Derek shared a Vince Pitelka pdf about home made underglazes: https://m.facebook.com/groups/181582648646840?view=permalink&id=843689132436185

Y tried it over bisqueware and it works nicely. Strong color response, smooth and “brushable”.
I tried the same recipe with different frits: local 804 (you can use 3110), 3134 and a substitute for 3124 (not available here).
Over buff stoneware. Nice white, stony matte with 3124, matte with 804, satin/matte with 3134.
I used a black local stain. No difference between 80, 60 and 40%. Next time will try with 20 and 10%.

I used the Underglaze liquide for “brushable glaze”: bingo!!!
Note: I used propylen glycol for the “non-toxic anti-freeze”. Fired at cone 5, ox

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