Glazes with 4 Materials plus Additive

Here is a list of recipes in Glazy that have four basic materials as well as an additive.

Name Link
Katz Zinc Pinc
Rust Black Fat
Temmoku-tea dust
Vert de cuivre brillant craquelé
Iron Saturate #7
Craig Martell Blue Celadon
Coleman Oilspot
Tichane Blue Celadon 5321.1
Plum Glaze
Reitz Purple
Bridget Drakeford Porcelain Yellow
Oribe #9
Oribe #4
Tatasciore Blue
Leach 4321 Celadon
Coleman Tenmoku
Tenmoku with Rice Straw Ash
Guan Crackle celadon
T619 Silky matt greenish off white crackle glaze
Pale Celadon
Dolomite White
Market Blue
Robinson Mino & Boron
Johnston Temmoku (Tenmoku)
Leach Temmoku (Tenmoku)
Speckled White-Green Glaze
Reeves Green
Mamo White
Rutile Blue I
Δ10 Glossy Clear
White Leach 4321
Pete Pinnell Clear Adjusted with Cobalt
Leach Celadon