Drippy Glazes

Possible ways to make drippy glazes

From John Britt:

You can do it with any very viscous glaze at any temp with some easy experimentation. For cone 10 you want high feldspar so a Kuan glaze…low fire is easy with frit 3124 (which is a great cone 6 glaze with 20% EPK.) I will try to find my Bubble Gum Series…which is a version of this line…

Pottery with drips

Various Chinese ceramics- natural ash glazes, Tenmoku and Jun (Chun)

Sui Dynasty Alms Bowl from Earth Transformed

Contemporary Ceramics

Christina Schou Christensen


Takuro Kuwata 桑田卓郎

Brian Giniewski

Drew Liedtke


Branon Mercer


Shiyuan Xu

Emily Gardiner


Yih-Wen Kuo

Harris Deller

Jung-yu Tsai

John Britt

Kato Tsubusa

Lauren Mabry

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