Unity Molecular Formula (UMF) Charts (Stull Charts)

See Also: Unity Molecular Formula (UMF)

What is the Stull Chart?

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The Glazy UMF Charts with Stull Overlay

Each Recipe page contains a Unity Molecular Formula (UMF) Chart.
This chart shows the recipes closest to the current recipe.
The current recipe is represented by a star symbol, while neighboring
recipes are represented by a circle.

R2O:RO Ratio

See Also: R2O:RO Ratio

The R2O:RO Ratio Scale shown in the Stull Chart.

The color of each recipe point denotes its R2O:RO ratio.
Recipes high in R2O are redder, while recipes low in
R2O are bluer.

Boron (B2O3)

The amount of Boron each data point is indicated by the color and thickness of the point outline.

B2O3 0-.5: Black outline, 1px
B2O3 .5-.25: Orange outline, 1px
B2O3 .25-.45: Orange outline, 2px
B2O3 .45-.65: Orange outline, 3px
B2O3 .65-.85: Orange outline, 4px
B2O3 >= .85: Orange outline, 5px

Filtering the Chart

The chart can be filtered by using the form on the right. The recipe category can be changed (in the above screenshot, the category is Iron - Celadon - Blue), or the temperature can be filtered, or the axes of the graph can be modified.

The chart always loads as a plot of the oxides SiO2 and Al2O3

Because the Stull Chart is based on SiO2:Al2O3, it will disappear if you choose a different oxide pair.

Show Images

By clicking the “Show Images” checkbox you can display the thumbnail photos for each recipe in the graph. Please note that many recipes do not have photos and will only display as a greyed-out square.

Zooming in the chart

While the UMF Chart in the search can automatically be Pinched & Zoomed, the UMF Chart on the recipe page initially has Pinch & Zoom disabled in order to avoid accidental zooming.

Just click the “Allow Pinch & Drag Zoom” to start zooming.

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