Residencies, Internships, and Apprenticeships


Field Guide for Ceramic Artists

Artists who accept interns/apprentices:

Justin Rothshank -

Simon Levin -

Mark Hewitt -

Robbie Lobell -

Mark Shapiro -

Richard Bresnahan -

Ellen Shankin -

Deborah Schwartzkopf (Rat City Studios) -

Shay Church (Grayling studio) -

Adam Field -

Brian Jones -

Silvie Granatelli -

Melissa Mencini -

Cristina Cordova -

Sunshine Cobb (Sidecar Ceramics) -

Rick and Donna Polseno

Lauren Herzak-Bauman

Jeni and Forrest Gard

Lauren Mabry

Jeff Schmuki

Amanda Salov

Brett Binford (Mudshark Studios and Eutectic Gallery)

Brett Kern

Kwak Kyung Tae

Courtney Martin

Daniel Johnston

Thomas Gilfillan (Whitefish Pottery)

Sara Truman

Jeremy Randall

Stephen Robison

Lawrence Arts Center (internship)

Jason Burnett

Teri Frame

Kurt Brantner

Forrest Middelton

Gregory Hamilton Miller (Tolne Gjaestgivergaard, Denmark) -

Nick Moen -

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