R2O:RO ratio - significance?

I’ve searched the site on this and have also found no explanation in Rhodes or other glaze books I have read recently. What is the significance of the R20:RO ratio please? I know this is a basic question, but would be most grateful to understand this better. Thank you

It determines how durable a glaze is. There is a preferred ratio, however it also does have a bit of wriggle room.
Ideally it’s 0.3:0.7
If you’d like to learn more I’d suggest the online courses of Ceramic materials workshop. They can explain it to you in a very perfect and fun manner.

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Thank you very much Soulful. I’ll certainly check out that online course.

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You may want to read this paper : M Katz - Durable glazes - NCECA 2016


Thank you. Will read

Sorry it has taken me so long to get round to reading this paper. I was doing a bit more background reading which helped me understand it better. A very illuminating article