Glazy Recipe Information

Archived (Locked) Materials & Recipes

Archived (or locked) recipes can neither be changed nor deleted. Archived recipes are usually historical or widely-used recipes (like Leach 4321) used by many potters both in the past and present. You can safely add reviews and photos to archived recipes, without fearing that the recipe (and your photos) will be deleted at a later date.

Private Materials & Recipes

Private materials and recipes cannot be viewed by anyone but you. Any recipes that you do not wish to share with the public should be marked as private. If you have published recipes in the past, you can unpublish them to make them private.

Firing Card

The Firing Card contains information about the Orton Cone temperature range for which the glaze matures, as well as the firing atmosphere.

More information:
Orton Cones
Types of Firing Atmospheres

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