Can't sign up!

Hello! Not sure where to even post this question, as I find this site fairly confusing and not very intuitive. I’m just trying to sign up so that I can bookmark and print glaze recipes, but every time I fill out the “sign up” page and click “join”, it does nothing. Can someone here help??

same here… input all required info and tick the boxes. ‘JOIN!’ button appears, but then nothing happens when you press it.

I’m so sorry about that! The bug is fixed, please try again! (Glazy recently had a small update that unfortunately broke the register form.)

I can’t sign up either. At one point I thought I had it worked out by using the reset portion but when I went to sign back in it doesn’t recognize my email or let me reset.

hi sue, i’m really sorry to hear about this! can you please send me your email address so that I can fix it! please email me at


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