Albany Slip

Synthetic Albany Slip Recipes

Ceramics Monthly, October 1988, Pg 49: Synthetic Albany Slip by Gerald Rowan.

Synthetic Albany Slip 1:

Dolomite 8.5%
Pearl Ash 4.0%
Soda Ash 1.0%
Unwashed Softwood Ash 10.5%
Kentucky Ball Clay (OM-4) 50%
Flint 20.0%
Red Iron Oxide 6%
Total: 100.0%

Synthetic Albany Slip 2:

Dolomite 9%
Soda Ash 1%
Cedar Heights Redart Clay 90%
Total: 100%

Synthetic Albany Slip 3:

Dolomite 9%
Soda Ash 1%
Terra Sigillata made from Cedar Heights Redart 90%
Total: 100%

Synthetic Albany Slip (Tony Hansen):

Talc 7%
Whiting 9.5%
Nepheline Syenite 14%
Redearth Clay 67.5%
Black Iron Oxide 2.0%
Total: 100%
Redearth clay from IMC in Medicine Hat, Alberta_

Albany slip sub. Lili Krakowski

via Alisa Liskin Clausen

58 Redart
8 Dolomite
25 Whiting

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